Part No. Item/Description Nett Price
L9259 Glass chimney with restricted end 140:00
L9265 Lamp for oxygen analyser 100:00
L9299 Candle type sample holder (Max sample diameter 8mm) 70:00
L9218 Standard perspex sample (pack of 10) 60:00
L9446 Buzzer alarm for pressure drop 50:00
L9447 In-line filter for air pump 40:00
L9483 Porous disc for preheater 50:00
L3986 O Ring for internal thermocouple cap 5:00
L9442 O Ring for base of preheater 5:00
L9439 Relay for pressure sensor & alarm 60:00
L9463 Chromel / Alumel thermocouple for sample temperature 116:00
L9463X Sample holder for sheet material 220:00
L9267 4" perforated brass filter disc 60:00
L9276 1" perforated brass filter disc 40:00
L9283 Needle valve for gas control 100:00
L9474 Debris tray 55:00
L9464 Pressure sensor 74:00
L9480 Pump diaphragm kit 40:00

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