Part No. Item/Description Nett Price
L7899 Bulb for main module 12v 10:00
L1907 Bulb for main modules (Silver models) 14v 100 mAmp 10:00
L1919 No. 56 bulb 5v 115 mAmp 10:00
L2791 Bulb for DC amplifier & 706 Programmer 12v 10:00
L7956 Platinum crucible (4mm) Each 100:00
L7309 Ceramic crucible (4mm) Each 80:00
L8036 Crucible aluminium (4mm) For use up to 600C, pack of 100 300:00
L7993 Crucible alumina disc to protect thermocouple above 1200C 20:00
L7912 STA 1000/1500 hangdown assembly for TG-DTA 700:00
L7327 Ceramic baffle with hole (22mm Dia) 54:00
L7907 Ceramic spacer for baffles 32:00
L7868 O Ring for furnace base 4:00
L7842 O Ring for balance cover 3:00
L3946 O Ring for hangdown enclosure 2:00
L7973 O Ring for tare pan cover 5:00
L7990 O Ring for top of furnace 3:00
L7913 Thermocouple platinum wire with hook for hangdown (.025 mm) 100:00
L7953 Thermocouple platinum/rhodium wire for hangdown (.025 mm) 60:00
L7905 Hangdown enclosure (STA) 100:00
L2521 Hangdown enclosure (TGH) 100:00
L8976 Hangdown enclosure (625) 106:00
L7906 Ceramic baffle 40:00
L7916 Short hangdown for poise side 60:00

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